“AgriLux” Game Changers in Agriculture

Watch this video to learn about the proven science in the development of AgriLux Spectrum Lighting systems, and the product development from design concept to commercialization. Hear from the Univ. of Guelph, President of AgriLux and a testimonial from a Layer farmer.

Effect of spectrum lighting during pullet rearing

Download this white paper written by K.Takeshima, C. Hanlon, B.Sparling, D.R. Kover and G.Y. Bedecarrats, University of Guelph, ON. 2019 Learn about the research on the effect of spectrum lighting during pullet rearing and impact on layer production performance…

Effect of light wavelength on laying hens

Download this white paper written by Mikayla Baxter 2014 and G.Y. Bedecarrats, University of Guelph, ON. Learn about the science and research on how light wavelength affects laying hens, less aggression, increase egg production and reduction in feed consumption…

LED Red Spectrum Lighting Research

LED Red Spectrum Lighting Research

The Science is solid.   Find out about the science behind LED red spectrum lighting and how it can improve your egg production. Download this Article printed in the November 2015 edition of Canadian Poultry Magazine written by Nerine T. Joseph Ph.D. , LIvestock...

The Science Delivers Results

The Science Delivers Results

Read about how a six-watt LED light bulb designed for poultry barns significantly boosts egg laying while reducing on-farm energy consumption. This unique bulb emits red-spectrum light — casting a reddish-purple glow — that stimulates the release of reproductive...


“I have been very pleased with our results since replacing our fluorescent lights with LED’s.  The birds have performed exceptionally well while remaining calm.  It has been a pleasure to work with our chickens in their new environment, and will continue using LED lighting in the future.”

Doug Dykstra
Dykstra Farms Ltd. Thornton, ON.

“I am very happy with LED lights, they work excellent with the dimmer, birds are calm and easy to handle.”

Carman Weppler
Weppler Farms in Clifford, ON.

“ … your service is excellent… so fortunate to enjoy given my small LED lighting system order.

I will keep recommending your products and would add that the lighting spectrum has certainly helped keeping my hens calm and productive over the winter, especially in alternative housing with mandatory natural light as per organic regulations.”

Lydia Carpenter and Wian Prinsloo
Luna Field Farm in Belmont, MB.