Broiler Lighting System

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Agrilux Lighting System for Broilers

Improve the health of your birds with our scientifically proven proprietary LED lighting system designed uniquely for your Broiler barn. In partnership with the University of Guelph, we have established that green LED spectrum lighting configured just right, can positively impact your birds making them less stressed.

What do we mean by “just right”? Your barn floor is like a canvas, and we have to paint it with the right amounts of light at the right time. If it’s not done right – no positive results.

The result – Decreased mortality & condemned rates, and slightly heavier birds.

Calms Broiler Birds and Reduces Broiler Stress.

Decrease Your Mortality Rate

Decrease your mortality rate by up to 20% simply by changing your lighting system!

Decrease Your Condemned Rate

Decrease your condemned bird rate by up to 20% simply by changing your lighting system!

Increase Bird Growth

Bird average weight increases up to 1.2%

Decrease Your Electrical Spend

It also reduces your current electrical spend by up to 85%

LED Spectrum Lighting

Just buying a bulb won’t give you results.  You need an automated lighting system.  We paint the floor with the perfect balance of spectrum light, red or green, for your layers or broilers

Barn Analysis

Before we can design a tailor-made lighting system that will produce better poultry, we have to analyze your barn. Whether you have layers or broilers, not all barns are the same shape and size, and this makes a difference. 

Spectrum Lighting

You can’t just buy a bulb because the bulb doesn’t give you the results. You need an automated lighting system. We make sure your system paints the floor of your barn with the right spectrum of light for your layers or broilers. it’s the light that makes the difference and if it’s not done right – no positive results!


You have to get the intensity right! So you have to control it. We provide everything you need to make that happen – automatically.

2 Year Warranty

We stand by our system. it comes with a 2 year warranty on the system. If you have a problem, we will replace it at our cost.

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